Visit to Jiangnan Industry Zone

In 12th September, the GM of Jinhe Industrial with the R & D centre visited Jiangnan Industry zone, to inspect the program process and completion of industrial park of smart & fast food terminal machine. Jinhe team had a informal discussion with the Chizhou standing municipal committee and zone clerk Mr. Zhan, to investigate the communing planning and related matters of establishment of Chinese first intelligent equipment manufacturing industrial park.
The board of Jinhe Company pays much attention to the progress of construction of the industrial park. Currently, most of the factory building has been completed. The municipal facilities like water supply and power supply have also begun to enter the construction. Capped building reaches more than 10 building, the rest are also coming to the end except several special ones.
In the talk after the acceptance, clerk Zhang gave a high appraisal to the smart intelligent manufacturing park planning of Jinhe Industrial. He pointed out that, the development of the industrial park, and even a industry which promoted by a leading technology company, is what a park manager most want to see. He hoped that more intelligent enterprises and supporting enterprises stationed in the park with the policy support and services of zone administrative committee.
The two sides exchanged views about preparation of the Chinese first intelligent equipment manufacturing industrial park, reached a consensus on further cooperation.

Post time: Sep-28-2016
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