The Third Quarter Mobilization Meeting

Jinhe Industrial R & D center held the third quarter mobilization meeting on 7th August. According to the advices and suggestions from domestic and overseas customers, we have made the deployment for the equipment and food taste improvement aiming at the 11th China International Self-service, Kiosk, Vending Show (CVS). The meeting was conducted by the chief engineer of R & D center, Mr. Wang. The R & D center senior engineers, food R & D engineers, Cooperation Dept. and Oversea Dept. attended the meeting.


At first, chief engineer Mr. Wang summarized the working achievements of R & D center in the first half of this year. The R & D center has got improvements on the completion of equipments and the safe & stable ingredients. With the equipments being entirely launched, the requirements of stable equipment characteristic and food taste have been increased. The next step for R & D center should be much closer to the market which will be harder and more challenging.Mr. Wang emphasized, “We will enter into the market stage roundly in the next half year, and I hope all the employees in R & D center to adjust the focus, summarize the work before and lay a solid foundation for launching our equipments roundly and successfully.

Post time: Dec-28-2014
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