Jinhe invited food experts to the symposium

On 13th August, Shanghai Jinhe Industrial has invited dozens of experts from CAS food nutrition scientific institute and Shanghai food research institute, to hold a symposium aimed at fast food safety, nutrition proportion and the market value of smart terminal machines. The senior engineers and food R & D engineers in R & D center Participated in discussion.
During the meeting, researcher Jiang from Shanghai food research institute said,“The domestic food safety problems take place frequently and the living tempo quickens, as a result, the fast food safety has caught more and more attentions. The Smart and Fast Food Terminal Machine not only meet the quick living tempo, but also has strict standards for food safety, it is worthy to generalize in the fast food industry.”

The director of CAS food nutrition scientific institute, Mr. Chen added, “The fast food today is not only to fill our stomachs, but also to meet our nutritional requirements, it means the quality of fast food should be higher and higher. I hope that Jinhe Industrial could develop more kinds of tasty and healthy food.”1408086158
Our Managing Director summarized, “The smart and fast food terminal machine which is upcoming, has solved the fast food safety problems from the source. Intelligent back-stage management, uniform dispatching and standardized process will guarantee the food safety. Speaking from the nutrition, the proportion of meat and vegetable, fresh ingredients technology, non-fried & low-fat cooking style meet the consumers requirements at the greatest extent.”

Post time: Jan-03-2017
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