Italy Nuova Simonelli visit our company

On 21st, October, Italy Nuova Simonelli project manager Mr. Cingolani and Miss Guan visited our company. We discussed about the coffee machine which will be used in the 2nd generation of our machines. Our Oversea Supervisor Mr. Fan has warmly received them.

Nuova Simonelli originated from Italy in 1936. It is one of the top three coffee manufacturers in Italy. Their coffee machine technology is second to none. Nuova Simonelli is the appointed brand of many famous coffee chain shops and well-known companies all over the world.

Mr. Cingolani has understood the process of the machine from research to market through the conversation. Our company planned to add the beverage device into our second generation machine, and we have already set up the strict standards for brand and taste selecting. Mr. Cingolani mentioned that it would be wonderful if the consumers could have a cup of warm coffee when they having the food. He wants to facilitate our cooperation through adjusting the taste and improving the machine. To cooperate with Jinhe, it will help both of us. The Nuova Simonelli will expand the Chinese market and get brand awareness.

Through this meeting, Nuova Simonelli and our company had reached preliminary cooperation consensus.

Post time: Dec-13-2016
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