Indian DocDisplay Company Intend to Cooperate

From 25th to 27th, China Self Service & Vending Show 2014 was held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. As a specially invited exhibitor, we brought the first generation smart fast-food terminal equipment to this show, in the meantime lifted the mysterious veil of the first smart equipments manufacturing zone in China to the public.

1413888919At the first day, our first generation smart fast-food terminal machine caught the eyesight of the Indian DocDisplay CEO Mr. Milind Doshi. The company headquartered in Mumbai which based on their biological technology, marketing and running the biological smart equipments to domestic and oversea area.

In the discussion with oversea manager Ms. Zhuang, Mr. Milind Doshi mentioned the food safety issue had influenced in all over the world. Multiple smart fast-food equipment technologies safeguarded the overall safety and sanitation of the food. He wished to cooperate with Jinhe Industry, put the equipment in hospital to benefit more patients and medical workers. Ms. Zhuang introduced that besides the safety of food, Jinhe Industry united the top domestic food nutrition experts and adopted the scientific percentage of every accessory ingredients; therefore the quality of fast-food could be raised with the standard of low fat and high nutrition. Meanwhile, Jinhe Industry cooperated with the world known food manufacturer to strictly control the material standard. Hearing the introduction of Ms. Zhuang, Mr. Milind Doshi immediately expressed the willing to be the fast-food equipment distributor in India, and wished to promote the domestic fast-food standard by the cooperation with Jinhe Industry.

Post time: Dec-14-2016
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