GM of MAKAPOL visited our company

On 4th September, GM Denis from MAKAPOL Investment of Russia visited our company looking for further understanding and cooperation based on our smart & fast food terminal machine. Director of our overseas department had given him a warm reception.

Mr. Denis showed his much interest in the smart & fast food terminal machine. He said that pizza is one of the most acceptable fast food in the whole world. The 3 minutes healthy cooking way was great satisfying fast, taste and nutrition. Our director of overseas department said, besides pizza, our company will launch more different western pastry and Chinese food to meet need of customers in the future.
During the meeting, Mr. Denis acquired detailed knowledge of the equipment function requirements and accessories selecting standard, as well as strategy of our company’s overseas development. He also gave his suggestions on taste and of Russian customers. He showed great evaluation to our high standard and detailed requirement on choosing toping sauces.
Before the end of Mr. Denis’ visit, he expressed that with the understanding of our smart & fast food terminal machine, he would do the research and analysis on Russian market, and make further cooperation with our company.

Post time: Sep-10-2016
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