Executive Trustee of Manulife Financial Visited Our Company

On 22th August, the executive trustee of Manulife Financial (Hong Kong), Mr. Huang came to our company to visit our machine and discussed about the cooperation with us.

Manulife Financial is the most powerful and professional investment funds management organization in Hong Kong and even on earth. It’s headquarter locates in Toronto and its’ main businesses are providing a wide range of financial products and services.1408703716
At the meeting, Jinhe team explained the product concept and market planning of our smart & fast food terminal machine. Mr. Huang gave high expectations on the market prospect based on the sustaining development of smart device industry in greater China.
Afterwards, Jinhe team showed to Mr. Huang how the machine works in only three minutes. Mr. Huang was impressed with the speed and taste, and he was very interested in the Smart & Fast Food Terminal Machine. He was willing to cooperate with our company through further communication and his investment & market experience, to let more people enjoy the convenient of Smart & Fast Food Terminal Machine.

Post time: Jan-09-2015
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