Congratulations to Jinhe’s unself-help pizza machine settled in Hema Store in Yizhuang Beijing

Hema store is opening in Yizhuang Beijing in the 5 day this month, Jinhe’s unself-help pizza machine strong login! The opening and the field sales are hotter than other times!



Alibaba’s Hema store is a new retail format to the offline supermarket . It is a supermarket, a restaurant, and a farmer’s market, but this description doesn’t describe all of it. The consumers of Hema store can shop in the store, and they can also delivery in mobile wallet App, one of the biggest advantages is the fast delivery than other offline supermarket : Within 3 kilometres, they can deliver goods for home in 30 minutes.



In July 14, 2017, Alibaba’s chairman Jack Ma , CEO Zhang Yong and others tasted the baked seafood in Hema store. “Hema store” is prepared in low profile for two years in Group, when Alibaba’s chairman Jack Ma visited the shop, the Alibaba’s son of unknown was showed to the spotlight, it became a new member of  Ali’s zoo except Tmall, rookie, ant Ant financial.


Shanghai Jinhe Industrial is a high end technical enterprise which owns a completed industry chain. It established in 2011 and devoted itself in R&D and operation of its intelligent fast food terminal device. It started with the idea of wheaten food, optimizing the intelligent technology, and converting the traditional dining style. Jinhe aims to invent anew platform through the high tech, R&D, manufacturing and operation. Simultaneously, seeking for the critical market opportunity to prosper the production line.


Jinhe integrates the concepts of asset optimization and lean management, which largely saves the cost, time and resources. Meanwhile, aiming to concentrate on the research and development of innovative product, Jinhe embedded different field’s knowledge to enhance its comprehensive capability. Jinhe is in pursuit of making the product play its full potential. The innovation mainly focuses on the market demand, the current leading technology and external cooperation, so that Jinhe could open a new platform for dining culture and create sustainable value for our society.


With the consumption upgrade in China, Alibaba’s chairman Jack Ma proposed that all kinds of new species and new models are appeared in new retail , Shanghai Jinhe industrial keep up with the times and adapt to the new consumer scene. We invested heavily in research and development of new equipment and new products, in order to provide a more comfortable shopping experience for consumers. Through the successful cooperation with Hema store, Jinhe industrial have more full of infinite power in the business development .



Post time: Feb-09-2018
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