Manufactur standard Professional full automatic pizza vending machine Factory in Guinea

Manufactur standard
 Professional full automatic pizza vending machine Factory in Guinea

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To be the stage of realizing dreams of our employees! To build a happier, more united and more professional team! To reach a mutual benefit of our customers, suppliers, the society and ourselves for Manufactur standard Professional full automatic pizza vending machine Factory in Guinea, Our mission is to help you create long-lasting relationships with your clients through the power of promotional products.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: wooden boxes
Lead time: in 90 days after advance payment
Product Description
Name pizza vending machine Model Number IP-A
Color red(customized) size 2Mx2Mx1.38M
Orginal China Certification CE
Power 20w (customized) Warranty 1 years
Voltage 220v training charge
Samples Charge Weigt 700KG
packing wooden boxes Lead time 90 days
Payment T/T,L/C Port Shanghai


I: 3 Minutes Freshly Baked, Instant Provision
Automatically operation from flour, water and other ingredients after the payment and selection of taste, guaranteeing the best freshness, nutrition and flavor;One-click operation and 3-minute waiting to get the fast & delicious food.

II :Innovation Interactive LED Touch Screen Operation & Advertisement
3D Menu on smart touch screen optimize the simple & clear user operation;
Fun Motion games, real-time news and advertisements make the waiting time more interesting.

IV: Convenient Payments, Various Payment, Customized Application
Multiple ways of payments by local currency fulfill the payment habits of all ages;
Customized APP supports mobile payments, staples locations of machines,and recommends new information by collecting consumption habits.

V : Diversified Tastes, Variety of Ingredients, Taste be adapted to Local Choices
Various ingredients satisfy the dietary habits of different regions;
Delivery channel provides different choice of seasoning packets.

VI :Healthy & Low-Fat Scientific Nutrition Proportion, Healthy Delicacies
Accurate formulation and material selection of international nutritionists ensure the food taste;
Combination of nutrition and minimization of calories meet the new dietary needs.

VII:Free Tableware Individual Package of Tableware, Pollution-Free & Convenient
Individual package of edible tableware ensures the health & safety;
Fashionable-packed tableware is easy to carry & use.

VIII: Affordable Price Tiered Pricing of Food, Serve 24/7/365
Multiple choices & tiered price of food for different ages;
24 hours a day in service.

IX: Combo Selection Popular Snacks & Drinks besides the Staple Food
Combo selection of drinks & snacks to meet the needs of more customers;
Combination of Staple food, snacks, and drinks is adjusted with the change of seasons.



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  • Godfrey C. Danchimah, Jr., professionally known as Godfrey, is an American comedian and actor who has appeared on BET, VH1, Comedy Central, and feature films, such as Soul Plane, Original Gangstas, Zoolander, and Johnson Family Vacation. He was also a spokesperson for 7 Up during the popular ’7up yours’ advertising campaign. He was also a cast member on the first season of The It Factor, a reality television show. Currently, he is a regular performer at the comedy club Comedy Cellar in New York City. He is also known for doing the voices of Mr. Stubborn and Mr. Tall in The Mr. Men Show and hosting the FOX game show Bullseye.

    This video is targeted to blind users.

    Article text available under CC-BY-SA
    Creative Commons image source in video

    MIND CONTROL!!! FUNnel Vision Family turns against Max!!! Family Fun and Toys For Kids! Max & Midnight Episode 4
    Thumbs up for more Max & Midnight weekly cartoons w/ FUNnel Vision!

    Episode 4 Text Version:
    “Say goodbye to your precious family, Max!” Midnight says with an evil laugh. “Guys?!” Max says nervously. “Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing!”
    5 mins ago
    “I am so good at this game!” Shouts Max’s brother.
    “WooHoo” Yells Lex, Max’s sister.
    “Oh ya! Look at that jump baby!” Says Max’s dad.
    Level Complete the TV screen reads.
    “I have actually done that in real life but I needed a little help from my jetskate” Says Max.
    In Midnight’s Evil Lair, Midnight is adjusting his glasses.
    “How do I look?” Midnight asks Scratch, his cat.
    “Ridiculous.” Answers Scratch.
    “Go fetch the button.” Midnight demands.
    “I don’t fetch” Grunts Scratch.
    Midnight presses a button on his glasses.
    Scratches eyes glow red.
    “GO.” Demands Midnight and Scratch runs off. Scratch comes back with the button.
    At Max’s house, the family plays video games together. A dark shadow passes the living room window. Buster’s ears go up as he grows taking notice of the shadows. Max notices and walks to the living room windows. Max looks out and doesn’t see anything.
    “Shawn, save my seat” Max says to his baby brother, Shawn. Max and Buster walk out. Suddenly Midnight enters and is eye to eye with Max’s baby brother Shawn. The family is so involved in their video games they don’t notice Midnight and Scratch behind the couch staring at the family. Midnight laughs and presses the button on his glasses again. The family’s eyes glow red. The whole family now has a blank look on their face. Midnight walks around to the front of the couch.
    “Everyone stand up.” Midnight demands.
    Everyone is standing, even Max’s baby brother Shawn is trying to stand.
    “From here on out, you’re not Max’s family, you’re my family and uh, LeX you’re my girlfriend. You think I’m the coolest hottest guy ever.” Says Midnight as Scratches is being him rolling his eyes.
    “Coolest hottest guy ever…” Lex repeats with a dazed look and bright red eyes. “He’s so dreamy”
    Max walks back into the room.
    “How’s it goin?” Max asks his family as they stare back with red eyes, not saying a word to Max.
    “Are we done playing..or?” Asks Max.
    Max spots Scratch at his family’s feet and then hears an evil laugh coming from behind him.
    “They think video games are for babies, don’t you guys?” Says Midnight.
    “Video games are for babies.” Says the family all at the same time.
    “WHAT?!” Says Max.
    “…And?…” Asks Scratch.
    “Cats are way better than dogs” The family says all at the same time again.
    “You monsters! What have you done to them?!” Asks Buster.
    “Step away from my family!” Demands Max
    “Oh, they’re not your family! They’re my family, and my family doesn’t like you…in fact family, I need you to make Max disappear” Says Midnight as he takes a bite of a Rot Pocket.
    “Say goodbye to your precious family, Max!” Midnight says with an evil laugh.
    Max’s family starts walking like zombies toward Max and Buster cornering them.
    “Guys?!” Exclaims Max “Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing!”
    Midnight is laughing in the back. Max then sees the camera on Midnight’s glasses and knows he has to get control of that camera. Max shoots slime from his watch to the ceiling. The slime sticks to the ceiling and Max and Buster grab on.
    “Now Buster!” Shouts Max to Buster.
    Max and Buster are launching into the air and flying overhead.
    “On three! One….two…..three!” Max shouts.
    Buster is launched right onto Midnights face and Buster grabs ahold of Midnights glasses and starts to destroy them. Buster is shaking his head back and forth with Midnights glasses in his mouth. The glasses are destroyed and the family is coming to. Max sees Midnight run away through the window.
    “mhm, you better run.” Says Max.
    “What did you just say?” Asks Max’s mom.
    “And why are we standing?” Asks Max’s dad.
    “Ahhh, stretch break..remember?” Responds Max and he puts his hands overhead stretching.
    “You’re going down!” Says Max’s brother as he is pointing at his dad.
    Everyone but Lex walks back over to the couch and sits down.
    “Uh… Lex you okay?” Asks Max.
    “Midnight is” Says Lex with a blank stare on her face.
    Max nudges Lex.
    “What was I saying?” Asks Lex.
    “That I am your favorite brother.” Says Max.
    THIS ISN’T OVER! Screams Midnight.

    Family – The FUNnel Vision family
    Max – Nicolas Roye
    Midnight – Matt Schneck
    Scratch – Leigh Lahav
    Buster – Alex Clark
    Mission Control – Megan Kane

    Directed by: Todd Grossman
    Written by: Elissa Vallano
    Produced by: Jake Krengel
    Executive Produced by: Mike Bienstock & Nate Higgins
    Created by: Todd Grossman
    A Bluerock Creative Production
    Animation by: Cartoon Conrad
    Original Score by: Paul Fraser
    Sound Design & Mix by: Atlas Oceanic Sound & Picture
    Edited by: Graham Higgins & Jake Krengel
    Audio Recording by: Tom Hooper

    Max & the Secret Life of Pets

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