• Q: What are the target market of the equipment can be put?

    Station, airport, super shopping market, office buildings and other crowded places.

  • Q: What is the main business?

    (join) equipment marketing channel development and maintenance etc.

  • Q: How long does it take to make a Pizza?

    Only three minutes to get fresh baked Pizza.

  • Q: What is the sauces need make pizza? How many it need?

    According to the different needs of equipped with imported cheese, fresh meat , healthy green wheat, pure natural mineral nutrition, organic vegetables and so on, the equipment inside the ingredients are well proportioned, one consumption is 1/200.

  • Q: What payment the equipment can be accept?

    Support 4 payment methods: coins, paper money card and mobile payment. We also can adjust it according the different regions.

  • Q: What i need do in the process of making the pizza?

    All automatically operation, without any manual operation

  • Q: What market of the equipment has entered?

    Including the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the overseas market, and some domestic market.

  • Q: If i bought your machine, How to guarantee my income?

    We will according customer’s request to make the cooperation solution,, achieve low risk and high yield.

  • Q: How long the ingredients can be stored in the equipment ?

    The equipment is fully-enclosed, can save one week at least.

  • Q: If have remaining ingredients, how can i do?

    Maintenance personnel will change the new material.

  • Q: How to solve the supply of raw materials and products transportation problem?

    We use the industrial chain management system ,from raw materials procurement to transport supplies.

  • Q: What is the difference between the equipment and ordinary vending machine?

    The normal vending machine refers to the traditional simple buying and selling of equipment, and  intelligent terminal vending machine using internet operation system , the vending machine not only sellers, intelligent terminal with a touch screen, in the use of unmanned can broadcast advertising, increase revenue, payments also increase the UnionPay, mobile payment function. In addition can also increase the variety of value-added services, such as recharge, pay various fees, buy lottery ticket,so the vending machine becomes a vector function, intelligent terminal equipment .

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