6 Years Factory LED advertising screen pizza vending machine Factory in Lahore

6 Years Factory
 LED advertising screen pizza vending machine  Factory in Lahore

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We have many excellent staff members good at marketing, QC, and dealing with kinds of troublesome problem in the production process for 6 Years Factory LED advertising screen pizza vending machine Factory in Lahore, Let's cooperate hand in hand to jointly make a beautiful future. We sincerely welcome you to visit our company or contact us for cooperation!

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: wooden boxes
Lead time: in 90 days after advance payment
Product Description
Name pizza vending machine Model Number IP-A
Color red(customized) size 2Mx2Mx1.38M
Orginal China Certification CE
Power 20w (customized) Warranty 1 years
Voltage 220v training charge
Samples Charge Weigt 700KG
packing wooden boxes Lead time 90 days
Payment T/T,L/C Port Shanghai


I: 3 Minutes Freshly Baked, Instant Provision
Automatically operation from flour, water and other ingredients after the payment and selection of taste, guaranteeing the best freshness, nutrition and flavor;One-click operation and 3-minute waiting to get the fast & delicious food.

II :Innovation Interactive LED Touch Screen Operation & Advertisement
3D Menu on smart touch screen optimize the simple & clear user operation;
Fun Motion games, real-time news and advertisements make the waiting time more interesting.

IV: Convenient Payments, Various Payment, Customized Application
Multiple ways of payments by local currency fulfill the payment habits of all ages;
Customized APP supports mobile payments, staples locations of machines,and recommends new information by collecting consumption habits.

V : Diversified Tastes, Variety of Ingredients, Taste be adapted to Local Choices
Various ingredients satisfy the dietary habits of different regions;
Delivery channel provides different choice of seasoning packets.

VI :Healthy & Low-Fat Scientific Nutrition Proportion, Healthy Delicacies
Accurate formulation and material selection of international nutritionists ensure the food taste;
Combination of nutrition and minimization of calories meet the new dietary needs.

VII:Free Tableware Individual Package of Tableware, Pollution-Free & Convenient
Individual package of edible tableware ensures the health & safety;
Fashionable-packed tableware is easy to carry & use.

VIII: Affordable Price Tiered Pricing of Food, Serve 24/7/365
Multiple choices & tiered price of food for different ages;
24 hours a day in service.

IX: Combo Selection Popular Snacks & Drinks besides the Staple Food
Combo selection of drinks & snacks to meet the needs of more customers;
Combination of Staple food, snacks, and drinks is adjusted with the change of seasons.



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    Pop a convenient Vending Machine For All Your Entertainment Needs (Stuff Live – 2008)

    We don’t always think about how our food is produced and we’re guessing most food companies kinda don’t want us to know either.

    Because if we did, many of us will look at our food in a much different way.

    Here are 5 disgusting ingredients found in everyday foods.

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    Until Next Time… Feed Your Mind!


    “Electro Cabello” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


    5) Bones

    I guess bones aren’t really that disgusting but when you find out you’ve been essentially eating ground up bones all your life, your stomach does turn a little.

    If you’ve ever eaten white sugar, which I’m sure you have, you’ve eaten cow bones.

    Sugar is actually brown but the sugar companies feel that the colour white makes people like it more, even though they have to grind up, bleach & heat cow bones in order to make it white.

    I think given the choice, I’d rather have the brown sugar that is bone free.

    4) Fish Bladders

    Beer is one of the most popular & oldest drinks in the world.

    If you’ve ever seen beer being made, you’ll know that overall its a pretty long disgusting process.

    Isinglass is a collagen extracted from the bladders of fish and used in the brewing of beer.

    It’s sole purpose is to simply add more clarity and give a more purified look to the beverage that consumers love so much.

    I guess this gives the phrase “getting pissed on beer” a whole new meaning.

    3) Bug Poo

    I wish I could say this is a joke but unfortunately its not.

    If you’ve ever eaten candy that’s shiny, you’ve most definitely eaten the poop from the Kerria lacca bug.

    It is typically listed as “confectioner’s glaze” or “resinous glaze” on the ingredients – which is a nicer phrasing, because you probably wouldn’t eat anything admitting it contains “bug poop”.

    The excretion from the Kerria Lacca Bug is called Shellac, a very sticky substance usually found on trees.

    It’s simply scraped off and added to give candy a nice shine, but also used in most furniture polishes.

    2) Human Hair

    In hairdressers across China, the hair is collected and then sold.

    You’re probably wondering what kind of sick twisted industry uses human hair in their food.

    Unfortunately its one the foods we eat a lot of.

    L-cysteine is an amino acid used to extend shelf-life in commercial, factory-made bread, and it’s most often synthesized from human hair as well as duck feathers, cow horns and pig bristles.

    The hair is mostly gathered from the floors of hair salons in China, then is dissolved in acid and, through chemical isolation, the L-cysteine is isolated, packed up and shipped off to commercial bread producers.

    So next time you’re enjoying your toast in the morning, just remember what’s in your bread was not too long ago on someones head.

    1) Beaver Anal Glands

    On a hot summers day there’s nothing better than a nice vanilla or raspberry flavored ice cream.

    When you read “natural flavoring” on the packaging you take it as a good sign however a lot of time this means the sweet raspberry & vanilla flavors might be enhanced by “castoreum,” a mixture of the anal secretions and urine of beavers.

    I think from now on, i’ll be sticking to good old chocolate ice cream.

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